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A sanctuary of peace and compassion where people are inspired by animals.

You are the life savers. We are saving your life.

We are nourishing the foundation for animal rescuers
and those suffering from compassion fatigue.


Noble Strength Way of Life

The Noble Strength Way of Life adds value to your life by:

  • Inspiring you with rich life lessons and habits from animals
  • Giving you a plan to help you live a life filled with consistent peace and prosperity
  • Helping you to enjoy relationships with self and others built on your inner strength
  • Motivating you to rally back stronger from each challenge you face

Rally Back Stronger

Do you love animals but often feel overwhelmed with the stress and grief from what takes place in the world?

Take control now, and obtain spiritual peace by joining our Noble Strength sanctuary.

Along with our trained Animal Chaplains, I will deliver spiritual nourishment and direction that leads towards a better world for animals and people.

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We are nourishing the foundation for animal rescuers
and those suffering from compassion fatigue.

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This is an exceptional book and free for the Animal Rescue Community who wants to proactively recognize compassion fatigue and for the experienced Rescuer who is struggling with professional quality of life.

Shelby’s story of hope is an excellent resource for all levels of you the rescuer struggling with compassion fatigue.

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If I had to define Joe in a few words it would be compassionate, gentle, strong and committed. It was during a difficult time and my struggle with the relationship between me and my dog, that Joe was the steady rock I needed. He encouraged me to express many feelings I’d kept bottled up inside that were causing me to feel scared and challenged about feelings I had toward my dog and myself. It was such an uncomfortable place to be. But with steadfast compassion, gentle reflection and a commitment to my personal happiness as the outcome, his strength as a coach and pet companion counselor came shining through, helping me feel safe, heard, and understood.

Barbara TechelAuthor of Intuitive Oracle Guide