Welcome to Noble Strength.

A way of life where people are inspired by animals.

Be inspired to increase your noble strength
to live with more peace and prosperity.

Who benefits:

  • Animal rescuers
  • Students making their way in the world
  • Business Executives

Actually, becoming stronger emotionally is for all of us!


Noble Strength Way of Life

The Noble Strength Way of Life adds value to your life by:

  • Inspiring you with rich life lessons and habits from animals
  • Giving you a plan to help you live a life filled with consistent peace and prosperity
  • Helping you to enjoy relationships with self and others built on your inner strength
  • Motivating you to rally back stronger from each challenge you face

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Rally Back Stronger

Rally Back Stronger Series

Our Noble Strength way of life, featuring Shelby Dwyer’s “Rally Back Stronger” series is how we
turn what used to be a drain into an increase in our strength! Let’s dive in.



Bring N.I.C.E
to your school district

My living N.I.C.E. keynote focuses on building your own emotional strength, first. Once our own emotional strength is built, the ability to handle challenges, relationships, respect, and compassion for ALL creation increases.

NICE is an acronym
N- Nourishing words and actions
I – Imperfections inspire
C – Compassion is the highest strength
E – Earth Partners.


Become An Animal Chaplain

From the time I was 2 years old, I knew I had a connection to animals. I spent 29 years in business, exceling in areas such as sales, labor relations and as a Chief Operating Officer. I was ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church in 2002. I started Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue and today is President of the APLB. I am also a motivational speaker certified by John Maxwell.

Now I  have prepared a training program specifically designed for people looking to counsel others through bereavement due to the loss of a pet. Our animals are important to us and there is no greater feeling than to have someone listen and empathize while you are hurting. This program gives you the skills to be that provide support, be understanding, and empathic. Register for the Online Course TODAY.

Get Your Exclusive Self Paced Online Training

This program is an online and offline experience with exclusive content for our premier certified chaplains. Regsiter Now to begin training to be an Animal Chaplain.


We are nourishing the foundation for animal rescuers
and those suffering from compassion fatigue.

Accountability Matters

Accountability Matters

When we are really honest with ourselves we must admit our lives are all that really belong to us. So it is how we use our lives that determines the kind of men we are.

Accountability Matters is the first program Joe Dwyer put together as a way of making us more aware of our own accountability and the accountability of the people around us. It teaches you how to hold yourself and the people around use responsible and accountable for their actions.

Ways To Connect With Noble Strength

Noble Strength will be accessible where you need it and whenever you need it.
That’s why we offer you the option to receive information and connect with us
through text, email, phone call, chat, social media, or video sessions.


Shelby’s inspiring story was all about rallying back stronger, while helping those in need. Shelby’s story of hope is an excellent resource for anyone looking to become stronger emotionally.

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If I had to define Joe in a few words it would be compassionate, gentle, strong and committed. It was during a difficult time and my struggle with the relationship between me and my dog, that Joe was the steady rock I needed. He encouraged me to express many feelings I’d kept bottled up inside that were causing me to feel scared and challenged about feelings I had toward my dog and myself. It was such an uncomfortable place to be. But with steadfast compassion, gentle reflection and a commitment to my personal happiness as the outcome, his strength as a coach and pet companion counselor came shining through, helping me feel safe, heard, and understood.

Barbara TechelAuthor of Intuitive Oracle Guide

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