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A spiritual way of life where people are inspired by the animals we share the planet with

and where all of God’s Creation live with peace, respect, love, and compassion.

Our Mission

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Speaking From Experience

Hi, I’m Joe Dwyer and I have a story to tell you

I’ve spent most of my life in positions that allowed me to speak to audiences on a great many topics ranging from spirituality, meditation, personal prosperity, higher enlightenment, and so much more.

With this experience I have developed a series of talks designed to leave you and your audience with a higher sense of self and purpose.  Allow me the privilege to visit you and your audience and together we will make a better tomorrow.

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Animal Chaplain Services & Training

Are you seeking to increase your own spiritual strength while helping to build the foundation for others, especially ALL creation in need?

Our animals are important to us and there is no greater feeling than to have someone listen and empathize while you are hurting. My Animal Chaplain program gives you the skills to be that person who can provide support, be understanding, and empathic and help others through the grieving process that inevitably comes with having loved a pet.

My program is an online and offline experience with exclusive content for our premier certified chaplains. Register Now to begin training to be an Animal Chaplain.

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How Can You Help?

Donate to the Noble Strength Way of Life

Every dollar you donate will go towards helping others in their time of need, especially our animal friends.  If you’ve ever had to endure the loss of a beloved pet you are painfully aware of how difficult it can be for some to overcome their grief.  Help me make a difference in someone’s life today by supporting my mission.  I cannot express to you in words my profound appreciation for your consideration.

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How Can We Help You?


Shelby’s inspiring story was all about rallying back stronger, while helping those in need. Her story of hope is an excellent resource for anyone looking to become stronger emotionally.

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