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About Noble Strength

The Noble Strength Way of Life is a place where people are inspired by animals. As each person experiences more spiritual peace and stronger emotional health, our earth partners gain more respect and compassion. This beautiful message ripples out to the world as our way of life grows.

Joe Dwyer is the Founder and President of Noble Strength.

An animal lover since he was two years old, Joe brings spiritual leadership to Noble Strength family to learn together from all creation.

Some of Joe’s background:

  • 29 years business experience – Labor Relations, Sales, COO
  • Ordained Deacon, Catholic Church, 2002
  • Ordained Animal Chaplain, 2010
  • 35 years martial arts training/instruction
  • Trained Pet Loss Companion (former President of the APLB)
  • President of Daniel’s Dream Dog Rescue
  • Over 500 inspirational presentations on the strengths of moral living
  • Dog trainer
  • Lives a cruelty free lifestyle
  • Best friend (other than my wife) was an abused/abandoned Pit Bull who save my life

How the Noble Strength Way of life unfolds:

  • Weekly blogs and videos
  • Facebook Group
  • Onsite presentations
  • Special offerings on the website

Vision and Mission

People who love animals yearn for them to be treated with love and respect. Love and respect are also universally sought in all areas of our society. Who better to learn from than the animals we seek to save? They live a life filled with innocence and purity.

Our Animal Chaplains will help lead the way to expand this love, respect and compassion for every being, two-legged and four-legged!

Label It

Effective support for any cause must be consistent and above all structured to make available the essential components which add value to the specific individual’s need. Therefore, if you are active in all aspects of animal rescue, Noble Strength will keep you on top of your game and allow you to give your very best to this honorable endeavor.

The Noble Strength Action Plan

Daily inspirational/thought provoking content

On-Site inspirational presentations

Open discussions on surviving and overcoming compassion stress and fatigue, how to reclaim your power, understanding and managing anger, defining and facing obstacles, overcoming roadblocks, deleting discouraging and negative attitudes, grieving and processing the loss of a love one

If I had to define Joe in a few words it would be compassionate, gentle, strong and committed. It was during a difficult time and my struggle with the relationship between me and my dog, that Joe was the steady rock I needed. He encouraged me to express many feelings I’d kept bottled up inside that were causing me to feel scared and challenged about feelings I had toward my dog and myself. It was such an uncomfortable place to be. But with steadfast compassion, gentle reflection and a commitment to my personal happiness as the outcome, his strength as a coach and pet companion counselor came shining through, helping me feel safe, heard, and understood.

Barbara TechelAuthor of Intuitive Oracle Guide

The Noble Strength Mindset

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