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Hello, it’s Joe Dwyer, pleased to be with you for week two of accountability.

I share with you something I see far too often. I was watching a sporting event not long ago and, unfortunately, a brawl took place within the context of the game. It got way out of hand and even fans got involved. Afterward, many players and managers were interviewed and asked what they felt about the situation. Many of them talked about the emotions that took place during the game and how certain things should not have happened. But no one, absolutely no one, said it should not have happened and that they where at fault. No one took the conversation and admitted that there was fault in the situation and there was some kind of remorse. It was, I will tell you, very disappointing but even more disappointing was the frequency in which we see things like this.

When we talk about accountability we are talking about our word and our actions. Our word almost always precedes our actions but they really need to match and then, our sentiments must match as well. This sounds very easy, however, I will tell you that one of the greatest challenges in the area of accountability is this point about being open and honest in all of our communications with self and others.

I worked in the business world for over 25 years. I oversaw many performance evaluations having to be written. I can tell you that almost all of them were written in a very glowing way. The person really didn’t have much to work on and everything was great! Of course those evaluations due take place but they are really not true. In fact, I believe the opposite and I’m certainly not becoming a negative individual, I just feel that everyone should be challenged. These evaluations should be written with everyone needing some type of improvement.

You see it is much easier to deliver a message of, “You doing fine, everything’s great,” and it is easier to deliver that and everyone seemingly goes away happy. But accountability is not really taking place, is it? That is because the person delivering the evaluation is not being truthful. The person on the other end thinks that everything is fine and in the long run what you have is an eroding situation in the personal and business relationship amongst those two parties.

It is certainly something for us to give serious thought to but it is not just in the business world. It takes place elsewhere in our personal life where we are called to be open and honest with everyone, our intimate family members, our friends, so that we could both move forward with a sense of honesty and accountability that is necessary for sustaining good relationships with self and others. This also works inward, for most of your conversations, I believe, should be with yourself.


Yes, I do go around talking to myself. I probably do it far too often. But, in fact, we should be a critic to ourselves to challenge ourselves to a higher level of accountability in our own life…constantly. Do not say “Well I couldn’t do this because….” no that is not really true, similar to the situation I opened with about the sporting event, there are no excuses sometimes for certain behaviors and it is best to bring them out in the open for a good accountable and peaceful atmosphere.

Now I have a dachshund here that is part of our family and her name is Greta. Greta is one of the most honest communicators if I ever saw one. She is very quiet, she doesn’t really bark much, and doesn’t say much at all, except the times when she wants to be covered with a blanket. Then, Greta, who is only about 8 pounds is a force to be reckon with! It sounds like a lion is barking at you if you want to know the truth and she makes it very known what she wants. This is very refreshing because Greta is doing what we really need to consider more in our own life. To be very open and honest about what we want. Now, I certainly not suggesting that you bark at your significant other or good friend when you want something! I just saying that the act itself is very refreshing in her honesty and the way she presents herself.

So we need to model a similar behavior and we need to link up our words, our actions and our true feelings that are deep down inside in all of our communication with our self, with our friends, with those people that we work with. It is extremely important for a higher level of accountability and peace to be brought into our life.

Let’s take a look at some real great actions items. First and foremost is to be honest with yourself more so each day. Whether you do this with journaling or with simple meditations at the end of the day to evaluate what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Be really 100% honest with your self, be accountable.

Then bring it to your personal relationships as well. Bring it to those closer with you and tell them you are looking to make this positive change in your life and in your relationship for a deeper level of accountability. Be honest with each another in as many as seemingly the small issues and the big issues. They really shouldn’t be separated and do it more consistently in your life.

Be observant of what is going on around you, learn from these things as I have learned from many situations in my life, learn from that situation in the sporting event that I shared with you earlier. Watch them, learn from them without being judgmental and bring yourself to a higher level of accountability in your life. I will tell you this…I know you can be successful in this part of our journey but if you really need me to I will send Greta over any time you want! Of course, you would have to bring her back here this is her home! She could teach all of us a very powerful and positive lesson.

Thank you and please continue to journey with me and send me any observations and thoughts you may have.


  • Be honest with yourself more so each day.
  • Bring this honesty into your relationships and recognize how they change for the better.
  • Learn and grow from events in your life in order to bring yourself to a higher level of accountability