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Hello everyone and welcome to week four of accountability. I’m Joe Dwyer and I must start by saying to you that we can all relate to and reflect on the different philosophies that can take place in a variety of different places.

There are so many management philosophies on how to get involved or how not get involved. There are even different segments in the religious communities on philosophy approaches and conservative versus liberal approaches. Also, in our world conservative versus liberal versus different approaches to different things.

I found it the same when I starting studying dog training that there were different philosophies. I immediately gravitated to the philosophy of positive reinforcement. For I believed that as it is with dogs, it should be with humans, that you should catch someone doing something right and praise them for it. When you do, more of the same actions take place.

Now I’m certainly not going to debate the other philosophies that take place. I’m sure there are good things within all of them. What I’d like to do is carry the positive reinforcement method of dog training into what we should be doing with our self when it comes to embracing our responsibility and accountability. For I do believe that if we embrace our responsibility and it takes a consistent approach to do so and we are appreciating our self for doing so, we will find ourselves in a snowball situation where it will become more and more prevalent in our life. Let’s face it the accountability that we are speaking about is not an easy thing.

We covered a lot of ground in the last three weeks. Certainly I know I have been challenged further as I’m sure you have as well. We must look at positive reinforcement as a means toward motivating ourselves in this all important spiritual advancement in our life.

Once again, I ask you to consider a dog with a bone. They are incredible in terms of whether their playing, eating, or chewing a bone on how they are so concentrated and appreciative of that moment and of what they are receiving. You can almost read a dog’s mind…I am getting this bone, I am having my food, I am getting praised because I have done A-B-C-D in my life. I believe they are doing that, I don’t believe anyone would debate me because we cannot prove otherwise. It goes the same for us. We must look at our selves and say I need to reward myself for stepping up and embracing my responsibilities especially in the most difficult times.

You know you might be saying a dog can do that, but what about a person?

coffee break-smallI tell you a story about someone I worked with early on in my career. I remember him saying that the way I structure my day is to give myself 30 second or minute breaks to get a drink of water or go outside for even one minute of fresh air but I only do it after I feel I have accomplished something. I’ll never forget that because it made so much sense to me.

It was so easy to understand and the most important thing is his rewards were in perspective. They were in perspective with what he was doing. He wasn’t going every time he had a little accomplishment in his workday, he wasn’t going to the Bahamas! It was just a simple drink of water of breath of fresh air. That is the key, my friends, that we must give ourselves this little reinforcement appreciations and link them with our ability to embrace those all-important moments of accountability and responsibility.

So I ask you to really look at this because it is a positive way to move forward in this important area. I will tell you what else will happen. You will find yourself then not only doing it for yourself but you will find yourself doing it for others. Like many others things we have spoken about, the positive actions toward self will roll out to others. You will see yourself recognizing and appreciating what others are doing for you. You will see yourself recognizing and appreciating the animals in your life even more so than you do now. Let’s not look past this appreciation for what we do. Let’s really grasp it for as long and as most focused as we need to be.

I ask you to consider a couple of very important action items. I will say that all of us have some kind of bad habit that is going on right now in our life. I know that I have a few and if you reflect you will find them too. I am asking you if you can go even a day without that bad habit creeping into your life find a small reward for yourself. I can tell you that one of the ones I came to was an extra 15 minutes of meditation and time with my dogs in the room that I go to for peace and consolation. Maybe something like that will work for you as well. Certainly make that connection because those difficult challenging habits are the things that are keeping us from embracing our responsibility.

Then, of course, take a bigger matter. Place it before you and say I need to grasp on to a higher level of embracing my accountability in this area. Then, take the appreciation that you will do for yourself up a notch.

I urge you to take these steps. It is very important that we do so and then, of course, combine it with the canines in your life. Look at how they appreciate a walk so much, look at how they appreciate everything they have and how those actions continue to roll into their life. Keep up the positive thoughts and as we move on to our next subject matter, which is focus and being in the moment, embrace your accountability that much more. Enjoy the journey and continue on with that positive motivation and reinforcement that we all appreciate.


  • Try and go at least a day without a bad habit and reflect on how your day was without it.
  • Take something bigger than just a bad habit and make yourself accountable for it.