Accountability Matters


Like the act of sharpening a pencil, it needs to be done often and can be painful at times. What we need to remember is the importance of keeping ourselves sharp through all walks of life.


When you hear the words self-centered, your mind probably goes to something negative like self absorbed or obnoxious. However, we will turn this thinking around by showing how centering oneself can be a very accountable thing to do.


My doxie, Greta, reminds us that communication can be simple and clear and, in her case, only when necessary.  The accountable individual has an economy of words that is used effectively.

Working and Playing Well with Others

Teamwork is a subject that is spoken of often and there are many great lessons but none as good as what a dog can teach us about truly always keeping your eye on the prize.


Change and adversity go together like Forrest Gump says, “like, peas and carrots”.  Peas and carrots can taste good when we prepare them well and so can change and adversity.

Conflict Resolution

There is no inspiration like making a comparison on how humans settle a conflict versus the much more effective way canines do as they arrive at a peaceful place almost every time.


Consider how you reflect back from those comical mirrors that distort our face and our bodies. This is a reality that we must be aware of.

Recognition / Affirming

We should have nothing short than a ruthless approach to our self-talk and how we compare ourselves to others.