Animal Chaplain Service Special Event

You have been selected to participate in a special promotional event.  We will be offering you the chance to become an Animal Chaplain just by donating to our Animal Rescue Relief Fund.  This is a Free Will Donation meaning you can choose however much you wish to donate.  Your kindness is appreciated and we look forward to you joining our Animal Chaplain Family!

Animal rescue is like a raging river. A non-stop hectic flow (of animals), and as they enter the river, there are many dangerous turns, rocks, and other hazards. At the mouth of the river is calm and peace, but that is rarely seen by you, the heroes, who rescue these beautiful souls every day.

My dear friends, I want to calm this river even if it is just by a little, by always offering my appreciation and support.  This support will include some interfaith spiritual Animal Chaplain services.

These services which can be done in person, through skype, or even as a conference call will help to bring you, your staff, and the animals in your care (current, past, and deceased) more peace, comfort, and strength.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Prayers for healing/loss
  • Prayers for strength
  • Prayers for those we could not help
  • Memorial services for those we have lost