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The Wave We Choose

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One morning I took notice of my first interactions with humans. Here is how they went.
“Good morning”
“It is too hot already today”
“Good morning”
“I am so tired”

Then I observed my first interaction with an animal (Daniel)
“Good morning”
‘hey dad, great to see you (tail wagging), let me give you a kiss”

N in my NICE talk is for nourishing words and actions. It is amazing how the way we start acts like a wave and keeps on coming. A negative or complaining start, by yourself or others, can cause a dangerous tidal

A positive start, filled with HOPE and GRATITUDE, creates a beautiful smooth wave that we ride through the day
The choice is clearly ours but we have to watch closely which wave to take.

Where do you find happy?

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I find it amazing that people continue to seek their happiness from material things and from elaborate trips. What always seems to happen after is a letdown and a feeling of wanting more. A not so dynamic duo we want to see!

Before I say another word, I too have been and still am at times guilty of this wrong path toward happiness.

Of course, there is hope and there is an answer.

Animals have just their life, no possessions and no ability to go on trips. Unless of course they are lucky to go on one with their human!

We see, especially in those unfortunate animals, either discarded and abused how much they cherish their life. This is clearly because they find their happiness in their life and only their life. They find happiness within.

We are absolutely capable of the same. My suggestion is daily (morning) meditation towards this worthy goal. Focus on your life, the beauty of just being you and how your simple daily acts make a difference to the world, and most important within you.

Sparty Man

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Sparty man

When my buddy Spartacus came here to be part of my family, I knew he had been in two horrible situations previously and was sent to a shelter to die.

I wanted to affirm to him that he was now safe and will be loved his entire life. I told him this several times a week because I wanted to build his strength and confidence.

One of the best things we can do for loved ones is to affirm them and tell them they are loved. It builds their strength and ours as well.

A few things to keep in mind:
Affirm each other often with sincere and specific comments.
Realize that building each other up is as easy, and more important, than tearing anyone down.
Show deeper respect for animals who do this beautiful gesture often.

Peanut. A Life. A Lesson

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Lori, one of our Noble Strength family members, recently lost her dog, Peanut.  Although we know the pain associated with a loss like this, Lori shares some powerful lessons from Peanut that we can all appreciate.

On August 22 I had to say goodbye to by doxie, Peanut.  As family came to say goodbye, he gave a kiss and a wag of his tail.  He went very peacefully.  The vet said he was sicker than she thought but he hung in as long as he could out of love for his family.  As Joe has said, we can learn so much from animals.  Peanut’s love kept him with me as long as he could.  If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.  Love and miss you my little boy.


Lori Marszat


Daniel’s Dominion

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In Chapter 6 of the Book of Daniel, the named character makes his famous escape from the lion’s den.  Arguably the most miraculous saving of any individual, Daniel had a choice.  He could walk away and live his life to the fullest with no regard for others, or he could use this miracle survival to dedicate his life to helping others.  Daniel chose the latter.

I am pretty sure most of us will not experience being thrown into a lion’s den anytime soon, or a gas chamber either for that matter.  However, we will “survive” some afflictions, quite possibly some of which are brought on by our own actions!  It is wise for us to stop when these life lessons happen to us and consider the words and actions of Daniel.

“He endures forever.”

Our immediate reaction when we “survive” something is a short-term view of life.  We may be thankful, take a deep breath and move on, which is all well and good.  However, Daniel tells us that this condition can help us define our life and keep our minds and hearts motivated on a long-lasting relationship with God and each other.

“His dominion will never end.”

Dominion is defined as supremacy to others, but with caring mixed in.  Our life can mirror this important concept.  Daniel, my buddy, still lives a life of fame, but he truly cares about others. However you decide to think why he does it, God inspired or partly his own doing, Daniel is a dog that loves every person he meets, but it does not stop there.  He really cares about those he meets, showing a loving personality at all times to all people.

“He performs signs and wonders.”

When there are those times that have occurred where we have survived something extreme, we may be kind to others for a while. I often think of how nice people were to each other for the weeks following the 9/11 tragedy.  Sadly, it was not sustained for long.  Daniel inspires us here in two ways.

First, he encourages us to make those actions a part of our daily life, consistent to all those we encounter.

Second, when we hear the words “signs and wonders” our mind can go to God-type actions, things beyond our abilities.  That is not the case!  We all know how a simple smile or act, like holding a door for someone, can send such a powerful sign.  Let Daniel’s survival, combined with your own, motivate you to these actions more often in our daily walk of life.

Daniel the Beagle sends a signature kiss and I offer my sincere thank you for being part of the Noble Strength Sanctuary.

Consistency: The road to peace (Part 2)

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Handling the very high moments:


When it is time to eat, Daniel races around the house at lightning speed showing how happy he is for this moment. Immediately after eating he comes back to earth and moderates his mood. This is an effective way to handle our high moments as well.   Often, when we have a high moment such as saving a dog or even a personal event, we tend to try and stay on that high. This usually results in a crash of sorts, and is not the best thing for our emotions.


This is especially the case when we have a low hit us right after a high. We know how common this is in the world of rescue. It can be compared to the pressure change in a plane. When the plane drops a little too rapidly, we feel how it can impact us. The steady decent is much better for us, especially our ears!


Instead we need to strive for the Daniel method of handling a high. Enjoy the moment, or two, and then bring yourself back to a middle of the road place.



Noble Strength actions:


  1. Identify a high that you have the pleasure of experiencing in the next day
  2. Immediately grab on to your emotions and don’t let them get too high
  3. Imagine Daniel flying a plane, and bring yourself down to a place of peace in a deliberate manner.

Consistency: The road to peace

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Consistency comes down to evaluating daily habits and making the good practices part of your routine no matter where you are or how you feel.


I admit that is a mouth full, so let’s take our time in this blog to break that down.


First, evaluate your daily habits. You may not even recognize that you do the same things every day.   As I started writing this blog, I realized a daily habit.  Every morning when I wake up I take my vitamins and drink a large glass of water before I do anything else.  It is obviously a good habit so I want to be consistent with it.  That being said, what we all need to do is walk through a typical day and see what we are doing on a daily basis.


Now onward to make the positive habits consistent.  I look at my dogs early in the morning. They eat with gusto and then immediately line up at the door to go outside.  They head out there with great enthusiasm…..well, they do when the weather is good!  That now becomes our charge. Pick up your enthusiasm in your internal feeling for all positive habits.


We saved the best for last!  On days when you are not feeling 100%, it is imperative to continue on with your good habits. The best example of this is a gym visit. It is so easy to say you do not feel up to it, and then you lose your consistency as well as your motivation.


Here we go with action items for some Noble Strength:


  1. Identify two daily habits that are very good
  2. Instill some happy thoughts into your mind while you are doing these daily habits
  3. On a day you are not 100%, press on, and then reward yourself with a small treat