Becoming an Animal Chaplain



  • Deepen your own spirituality while discovering how much we learn from animals
  • Join the family that is positively promoting respect for all creation.
  • Serve families in the various roles of an Animal Chaplain including funerals, memorials, welcoming services, and blessings.
  • Work towards obtaining coaching clients and speaking opportunities as Noble Strength grows

What You’ll Learn

Module 1: The Foundation
Module 2: We are Here for Animals and People
Module 3: Posture/Attitude/Body Language
Module 4: Pet Loss Training
Module 5: Prayers & Celebrations
Module 6: Practicum
Module 7: Inter Faith/Strategies
Module 8: Scripture Passages and Poems
Module 9: God calls all by name
Module 10: Practicum
Module 11: Sample Celebrations and Services
Module 12: Exam/Marketing

Are you the person to bring that peace to the humans that lost their family member?

Noble Strength is training Animal Chaplains. We deliver spiritual nourishment and direction that leads towards a better world for animals and people. This program has an online and offline experience with exclusive content for our premier certified chaplains. Sign Up Now to start training to become an Animal Chaplain.

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