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Never argue with a fool – someone may come along and not know who is who!

This can be considered somewhat of a harsh statement, it could be considered somewhat of a “wise guy” statement or it could be considered an effective strategy for some of the times where we are addressing an individual who is really not appreciating us for who we are and what are beliefs are. I am going to emphasize some of the time because, yes, there are many times that we need really do need to speak out and speak out fervently and powerfully when it is called for.

But there are also times in this type of situation where we give no response can be the most effective strategy of all. I think we need to say it the way it is. Every single one of us regardless of who we are, what are age is, what are national background is, what are beliefs are we have been on the not so good end of not being appreciated for who we are pr what our beliefs our.

I can recall very vividly not all that long ago being introduced to someone in the following manner, “This is Joe Dwyer, you might know him, he has 5 dogs, so he is crazy!” Very interesting approach isn’t it. I was really harshly prejudged, not really appreciated for what and who I am. In fact, many different situations went through my mind of very effective responses that would have raised this to a combative level.

But the question was, was it worth it? So instead all it took was a look. A look from me to acknowledge what was said but also in my facial expression to say – I heard you, I really didn’t appreciate it but I will certainly remember it. I have since forgotten about that incident, except for sharing it with you, of course, for the purposes of this important segment on truly celebrating our differences.

It really is true isn’t it? For those of us who have taken physics classes have learned that two trains that hit head on are going to be nothing short of a disaster. I can also tell you that in martial arts it is also an effective strategy in almost in every situation to side step a very blatant and forward attack. Getting off-line and deflecting is the most effective, safest and best strategy to use. I have to go and repeat myself though, it is not always the situation but it can be an effective strategy when it is called for or when you feel it is the right time.

kids fighting bullying each otherI am going to be giving a total four-segment module maybe even more depending on the content on bullying. Bullying is something that we’ve already acknowledged. It is something that exists in our schools, it exists in our workplace and it exists all over. It is rooted in the unfortunate situation that we do not appreciate people or ourselves for who they are. We do not appreciate and be considerate of people’s beliefs and thinking.

That is where bullying really does come from, especially in the older people as we mature in our lives. I say that a little tongue-in-check at times because it is more appropriate to mention that as well. In bullying I have to think that there are times were it is warranted to get involved and bring a resolution to it. But I also feel there are times where we should try to avoid the situation. When somebody makes an off-color comment like was done to me in the introduction, no response can be the best response of all. It speaks loudly, it speaks powerfully and I’ll like to think that the person who said that about me is thinking twice and would think twice about doing it again.

We really need to give this careful consideration because I think it is an important part of this area of celebrating our differences. I’ve spoken often about Shelby before and I need to bring her up again. Because she is a Pit Bull, unfortunately, she is not respected for who she is and what she is.

I vividly remember once actually being yelled at as I approached a situation with her. “Do not bring that dog near me! Take that dog away and get away from me immediately.” Now I very easily once again could have come to a conflict with this person. I could have made it known what this person was missing out on with Shelby and all the things we talked about. Instead I remained totally silent and continued to walk.

Truthfully, it was another one of my brighter moments to handle this situation because the person continued and eventually stopped. There was no one else around, there was probably nothing I could do to make this person realize except for the silence that I was willing to offer and not get in to an argument. Who knows, maybe this person has now grown in this particular issue as well. I would like to think so. But I do not believe that engaging it and combating it would have had any effective outcome whatsoever.

So as we now come to the conclusion of these 4 segments together on truly celebrating our differences, I ask you to take some actions items and look back on the times in your life where maybe silence was the best option, or side stepping at least and not being as combative back. I really believe it can be an effective strategy for part of this important part of life. I really believe that of all the things we have spoken about so far, this is one of the top topics that we need to focus on.

I look for your progress, your comments back to me but more importantly in this segment I look for your action items to be just that. Consider looking back and going forward what the best strategy is for looking at a situation where we, or someone close to us has been treated unkindly for their beliefs. What is our best action? Step back and consider it because it is a spiritual growth for our self and for the issue it self to go out, make progress in our world and come to the place we all need to be. Again I need say it, our canines are already there. So, don’t stop and not take some examples from them as well. We should always do that along the way. They are leading in this all-important journey.

Thank you very much and take care. I look forward to being with you again.


  • Where there times in your life where you chose to confront someone instead of being silent or walking away?
  • How about now…how would you handle a delicate situation that you were involved in?