When something breaks, our first thought is how to put it back together. How bad is the break, what glue will work to make it strong again?

A new beginning is usually a glue that works. Shelby was broken physically and emotionally after being abused. Thankfully her surgeon fixed the physical part but usually the emotional pain is more difficult.

The glue that Shelby used was to serve others compassionately. Knowing how it felt to be treated so badly during a time when she was very down, her goal was clearly to make sure that others did not have to experience that feeling.

Shelby had another strategy that I believe could easily be extended to other animals including farm animals. Regardless of how badly you might be treated, stay true to yourself and try as best as you can not to lash out at others especially those who are “innocent bystanders”.

Our society celebrates length of life. Many times, we see people being celebrated for living past 100 and even animals are spoken of as living a longer life then what they normally. One way to capture this message is to focus instead on the quality of life, instead of the quantity of life. Some animals and people live only a short time, too short in many situations, however, it is that much more important to treasure each moment and learn from all that they have to offer.

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