Session one: Keep It Simple

My doxie, Greta, reminds us that communication can be simple and clear and, in her case, only when necessary.  The accountable individual has an economy of words that is used effectively.

Dogs are very effective in their communication style.  They make sure that there is nothing vague or any hidden agenda to how they communicate.  In addition, dogs do realize that words can hurt so they never use communication to bring pain or discomfort to another.

Session two: The Ultimate Two-Way Highway

Although very easy to understand, it is not easy to implement that when you are talking you cannot be listening at the same time.  Shelby has demonstrated a keen sense of listening that can inspire all of us to listen more to our loved ones.

The Internet was at one time labeled the information superhighway.  We all should realize that the accountable individual understands that we must effectively drive at a slower pace before we enter a superhighway.  Effective listening is a great way to do this.

Session three: What Is Not and Should Not Be Said

Not all communication is done using words.  Our body language, posture and facial expressions can speak very loudly.

Dogs realize that non-verbal communication can be extremely effective when used properly.  Dogs also realize that there are some phrases like “I can’t” that should never be used.  We can learn much from dogs about communication.