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Greetings friends, we are off on a journey to learn more about compassion. What the world needs now is a whole lot more compassion and like every other area of Noble Strength Spirituality, it needs to start with us. So thank you for your willingness and being part of this all important journey.

So let us start with the motivation for our acts of compassion. Sounds very simple, doesn’t it. Well let me tell you what I’ve encountered when walking through the halls of the facilities that Shelby and I have visited. Shelby, for those of you who may not know is my Pit Bull therapy dog. Yes, she really is a Pit Bull, she really is a therapy dog and she really is so amazing.

When walking through these facilities, I have gotten to pay more attention to what I hear when people visit someone in the hospital. They say, “I had to come see you after all you came and saw me when I was in the hospital.” Or when we have been to a service at a funeral home and we hear “Well I was pleased to come and see you at this time because after all you came to see me when I had one of my losses.”

Now these statements seem harmless enough, however, they are said a little too much than they probably should be and unfortunately, even more so, they paint the wrong picture for our reason for compassion. We should not have to feel that compassion should be done in a reciprocal way. It needs to be sincere and fueled from a positive response from our selves to the person that you are with. So I really think this is an important place to start.

It’s kind of like going in to a restaurant and deciding what you want to eat but instead you order something that you really don’t want. You are going to walk away with an unfortunate sense of dissatisfaction. The same thing happens unfortunately, if your motivation is not completely pure when you are going into a place when are offering compassionate care.

So when it comes to compassionate care there are many opportunities out there, which is the good news. But it is one of those good news, challenging news, things that we must, as we’ve talked about before, increase our awareness about the situations that we are going into.

Shelby with girlNow, of course, I will tell you about Shelby when she visits the hospital we currently go to or many other facilities for that matter that she has gone to with me. There is nothing but the most pure intent when she goes to these places and she visits with a person who is not well. It is absolutely inspiring to watch and see how incredibly present she is and how incredibly loving and compassionate she is to every person she meets, with nothing going through her mind accept just that – offering compassion to the person that she is currently with.

Now, yes, there is a part of a dog that cannot put that temporary or even partial wall up, to protect themselves in their feelings. However, I will tell you that there is probably much good to learn from that for us then there is harm to them. As I watch her, I watch, again, this “clearing up” of the motivation that we should have when we offer compassionate care to others.

Let me also step back and share with you that it’s not just about how a dog does it. I have read many articles and books, as most of us probably have, about Abraham Lincoln. Arguably, one of our most popular presidents, I was certainly inspired to see that this man, who was elected President, and needed no further glory than that, took so much time out of his day to write personal letters to people offering his compassion for maybe their illness of a family member of their loss during the times of war. I believe an incredibly selfless act by a President of the United States. I would say equaling what Shelby does as her capacity as a therapy dog giving us the hope that, yes, our animal friends do it very well but we too, as humans, can do it as equally as important and as pure.

So with that I offer you a couple of real encouraging action items to take a look at. Even in most simple acts of compassion as you go through the coming days. I would ask you to check your motivation immediately. Check to see what you are doing and how you are doing it. I will guarantee you will find ways and will find situations that you are being absolutely 1,000% genuine in your actions. Stay there and make sure you stay there by keeping those in the forefront of your mind.

Secondly, take Shelby with you on your journey. I’m sorry, you can’t take her physically because she is attached to me, which I am proud to say, but you can take her with you in a very spiritually and a very positive sense in what she does and how she does it Take her attitude with you in maybe those more challenging situations that you might face. Compassion is very important in our world, my friends. I know we all have the capacity to carry it out with an authentic and loving way.

Thank you for being with me during this first session on compassion and I look forward to the coming weeks. As always, please feel free to share with me your insights and observations and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and that, is sincere!


  • Ask yourself this question: Is your motivation for compassion genuine?
  • Take Shelby “with you” and be pure in your actions and be present at all times.