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Welcome everyone to our second module on the subject matter of compassion. It is nice to be with you again and share this all-important topic, which needs to ripple out as much and as far out as possible in our world today. Our companion animals need it, our world needs it, and I think it is a safe assumption to leave it at that. Every little bit does help.

We see compassion in many times during tragic events. Hurricane Sandy is the most recent and notable in my mind and especially as a NJ resident, Hurricane Sandy will always be unfortunately remembered here in my home state. There is one thing that happens after a situation like Hurricane Sandy or anything like it in any kind of tragedy. People come together and reach out in an incredibly compassionate way.

I will tell you that while the power was still out here in our home, we visited a local restaurant, where all I saw on the television were acts of kindness to people being helped in their desperate situation from the effects of the hurricane. I can tell you that I saw numerous Facebook posts that were so encouraging and inspiring about people gathering food, resources, clothing and all types of incredible acts of compassion. I will also tell you that although they were inspiring, most of us, me included, miss out on situations everyday that call for compassion that are just like it although maybe not as visible, or are they?

If you walk by a quiet person or even more telling, an agitated person, it is most likely that they are experiencing a mini hurricane in their life. It is inside their mind, their body and their soul. Maybe it is not something so little. It could be something that is very devastating. However, without the knowledge of that, like Hurricane Sandy, which was so visible, our instinct is usually not to act with compassion. It is either to walk away, maybe even to respond back with some kind of aggression but not with the compassion that is required at that time.

I believe that this is a lesson for all of us to consider as we journey through our willingness to become a more compassionate individual in our world. Everyone needs it every day. So when these types of situations presents themselves to us – the person who is very frustrated, maybe cuts in front of us when we are in line in a store or waiting to get a newspaper or in our car, a variety of ways they are showing that these hurricanes are going on in their life.

helping hand-smallIt is up to us to take a step back very similar to those acts during Hurricane Sandy and say what can I do to help. It maybe something as simple as a smile or not lashing back that will show this individual the compassion they need to see in a very difficult time.

Once again I point to my beloved Shelby. She is incredible! It is her strength above strength that I have seen many times that she reaches out to every individual she meets with the same level of compassion. On more than one occasion I have seen her encounter somebody that wasn’t very nice to her because she is a Pit Bull. But that didn’t stop her from offering compassion. For maybe that reaction was or was not directed at her for being a Pit Bull. It was some other hurricane possibly going on in that person’s life. But for Shelby, you see it does not matter to her. She will reach out continually with compassion to every person she meets. It is a lesson for every one of us. I must also say that even in the hospital she visits, it matters not whether it is a patient who is not in the best of moods, an employee, it’s everyone who gets the same level of love and compassion.

So now it’s time for us to look at actions items that will make us that much more compassionate in this all-important critical area. First and foremost in our actions items is that when you do encounter somebody who is not exactly having the best day and is showing it, please consider that a hurricane is very likely going on in their life. Please consider an action other than a negative reaction back. Possibly a smile, a slight touch on the arm to show that you care is really something to be considered.

Secondly, recognize in yourself those little hurricanes that go on in your life and how you would like to be treated and treat yourself accordingly with the right level of compassion as well. Then take a very good notice of what is going on. Do you feel much more at peace? Do you feel much more compassion and caring to yourself as well as others? I ‘m willing to say that you will and then more so, when the larger acts of compassion, if you want to call them that, are necessary you will be able to step to the plate and hit a homerun every time just like Shelby does!

Please take a few moments to absorb all this real important information in. For there is somebody waiting probably real quick as you turn around in your day that needs the compassion that only you can give.

Thank you so much.


  • Recognize (and adjust if necessary) your reaction when you see someone in the middle of a personal hurricane.
  • Smile or show some kind of support for three people who seen agitated this week.
  • Treat yourself how you would treat others during your own mini-hurricanes.