Conflict Resolution

Session one: Canine Conflict Counseling

There is no inspiration like making a comparison on how humans settle a conflict versus the much more effective way canines do as they arrive at a peaceful place almost every time.

Spartacus and Daniel teach us that there 3-point plan on settling a conflict can be put into practice by any human in any situation regardless of whether it is personal or business.  Conflicts are a part of life but they do not need to damage our precious relationships.

Session two: S.O.S.

S.O.S. is an acronym for “Save Our Ship” but we will explore an even more important acronym as it applies to conflict resolution.

When Daniel does something wrong, he has an effective way to look at you and say, “I am sorry”.  He immediately ceases’ doing what he was doing which he knows was not the best thing to do at that time.  The accountable individual knows how and when to say, “I’m sorry”.

Session three: Conflicts Build Stronger Bridges

I have watched bridges being repaired where I live in Northern New Jersey and although it takes some time, they are stronger than before.  This can happen for the accountable individual who handles conflicts effectively.

There have been several situations in my business life and through conflicts I realized that although the bridge has been repaired, it would have been a lot stronger if I had implemented Spartacus and Daniel’s 3-point plan and the S.O.S. method more effectively.  We need to realize that relationships can be even stronger than they were before once a conflict is settled effectively.