Handling the very high moments:


When it is time to eat, Daniel races around the house at lightning speed showing how happy he is for this moment. Immediately after eating he comes back to earth and moderates his mood. This is an effective way to handle our high moments as well.   Often, when we have a high moment such as saving a dog or even a personal event, we tend to try and stay on that high. This usually results in a crash of sorts, and is not the best thing for our emotions.


This is especially the case when we have a low hit us right after a high. We know how common this is in the world of rescue. It can be compared to the pressure change in a plane. When the plane drops a little too rapidly, we feel how it can impact us. The steady decent is much better for us, especially our ears!


Instead we need to strive for the Daniel method of handling a high. Enjoy the moment, or two, and then bring yourself back to a middle of the road place.



Noble Strength actions:


  1. Identify a high that you have the pleasure of experiencing in the next day
  2. Immediately grab on to your emotions and don’t let them get too high
  3. Imagine Daniel flying a plane, and bring yourself down to a place of peace in a deliberate manner.

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