Consistency comes down to evaluating daily habits and making the good practices part of your routine no matter where you are or how you feel.


I admit that is a mouth full, so let’s take our time in this blog to break that down.


First, evaluate your daily habits. You may not even recognize that you do the same things every day.   As I started writing this blog, I realized a daily habit.  Every morning when I wake up I take my vitamins and drink a large glass of water before I do anything else.  It is obviously a good habit so I want to be consistent with it.  That being said, what we all need to do is walk through a typical day and see what we are doing on a daily basis.


Now onward to make the positive habits consistent.  I look at my dogs early in the morning. They eat with gusto and then immediately line up at the door to go outside.  They head out there with great enthusiasm…..well, they do when the weather is good!  That now becomes our charge. Pick up your enthusiasm in your internal feeling for all positive habits.


We saved the best for last!  On days when you are not feeling 100%, it is imperative to continue on with your good habits. The best example of this is a gym visit. It is so easy to say you do not feel up to it, and then you lose your consistency as well as your motivation.


Here we go with action items for some Noble Strength:


  1. Identify two daily habits that are very good
  2. Instill some happy thoughts into your mind while you are doing these daily habits
  3. On a day you are not 100%, press on, and then reward yourself with a small treat

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