There is an unfortunate trend that encourages people to ”re-define” themselves. The obvious question is why, and what is wrong with the original you!

We are all born with a purpose and unique gifts, so there is no need to pursue anything else. The ripple effect trap to this trend is to spend too much time comparing ourselves to others.

Enter our heroes!!

Animals never fall into this place regardless of what negative life events take place. After being discarded and placed in a gas chamber, Daniel the Beagle had every reason to start over in his life. How much more worthless can you feel? However, he remained the happy go lucky dog he always was and continues to be.

When Daniel won his category of Hero Dog in 2012, we had the pleasure of meeting Gabe. Gabe was a bomb-sniffing dog who had saved the lives of many people in the military. It would have been easy for Daniel to feel inferior to Gabe, but he didn’t; he interacted with him, proud of who he was, but respecting Gabe for his talents.

As we progress through life there are many situations I call quick sand traps that can slowly pull us down in questioning ourselves. We gain spiritual foundation by appreciating who we are and having the courage to remain that way.

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