In Chapter 6 of the Book of Daniel, the named character makes his famous escape from the lion’s den.  Arguably the most miraculous saving of any individual, Daniel had a choice.  He could walk away and live his life to the fullest with no regard for others, or he could use this miracle survival to dedicate his life to helping others.  Daniel chose the latter.

I am pretty sure most of us will not experience being thrown into a lion’s den anytime soon, or a gas chamber either for that matter.  However, we will “survive” some afflictions, quite possibly some of which are brought on by our own actions!  It is wise for us to stop when these life lessons happen to us and consider the words and actions of Daniel.

“He endures forever.”

Our immediate reaction when we “survive” something is a short-term view of life.  We may be thankful, take a deep breath and move on, which is all well and good.  However, Daniel tells us that this condition can help us define our life and keep our minds and hearts motivated on a long-lasting relationship with God and each other.

“His dominion will never end.”

Dominion is defined as supremacy to others, but with caring mixed in.  Our life can mirror this important concept.  Daniel, my buddy, still lives a life of fame, but he truly cares about others. However you decide to think why he does it, God inspired or partly his own doing, Daniel is a dog that loves every person he meets, but it does not stop there.  He really cares about those he meets, showing a loving personality at all times to all people.

“He performs signs and wonders.”

When there are those times that have occurred where we have survived something extreme, we may be kind to others for a while. I often think of how nice people were to each other for the weeks following the 9/11 tragedy.  Sadly, it was not sustained for long.  Daniel inspires us here in two ways.

First, he encourages us to make those actions a part of our daily life, consistent to all those we encounter.

Second, when we hear the words “signs and wonders” our mind can go to God-type actions, things beyond our abilities.  That is not the case!  We all know how a simple smile or act, like holding a door for someone, can send such a powerful sign.  Let Daniel’s survival, combined with your own, motivate you to these actions more often in our daily walk of life.

Daniel the Beagle sends a signature kiss and I offer my sincere thank you for being part of the Noble Strength Sanctuary.

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