Several years ago, I did a talk and made a case for never using bad language.

Before I say another word, let me confess that I have and still do say things that are considered inappropriate.  Bad language, even loud and forceful words, only have a short term reaction from others.  The best sustained influence comes from calm but truthful words that come from a place of less emotion and more thoughtfulness.

This was another characteristic of Sparty.  He did bark at times but you could tell it was only to make his point.  And I am convinced that if it came out in the English language then there would be no cursing.

In addition, when he had to make a point in the house to solidify his being the one in charge, he often did it with a subtle but effective look.  I will tell you that, especially with Daniel, it worked every time and you could see it coming too!  Sparty would just walk by him and give a look and Daniel always respected him.  The few times Sparty did bark Daniel would bark back.

Does that sound familiar?  Spartacus’s communication style is really effective and it creates an atmosphere of influence.

For today, examine your levels on influence and notice your tone of communication and body language.

Please try to think of Sparty for inspiration.

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