Session one:  How to sharpen yourself

Like the act of sharpening a pencil, it needs to be done often and can be painful at times.  What we need to remember is the importance of keeping ourselves sharp through all walks of life.

In a world where we have disposable pencils, it is still refreshing to know the power of a sharp pencil and the skills necessary to keep it that way.   When a pencil gets sharpened and you hear that grinding noise, you can almost feel the pain that occurs.  We, too, can experience some pain when we need to sharpen ourselves however, we must not lose sight that we also have an eraser to take away some of the mistakes we make.

Session two: Attitude is key

I will always be convinced that Daniel the Beagle was aided by a very positive attitude when he survived the gas chamber.  A positive attitude has proven to help many overcome obstacles in life.

It is easy to have a positive attitude when things are going well; on vacation, or when you are doing well financially.   The accountable individual strives to a positive attitude in every aspect of life, including when their team loses the Super Bowl or challenges come up in your work or personal life.   Seeking this consistency is what a hero like Daniel does and we can do as well.

Session three: Be Where Now?

Sometimes the simplest tasks seem to be the most difficult, hitting a baseball or sinking a basket, to name a few.  Truly focusing on the moment seems very easy, but can present a challenge.

I will always resist criticizing technology but I must say that cell phones and other advances in technology have made our ability to focus, especially in one-on-one conversations, a challenge.  Time is truly our most precious resource.  This is something universal to all of us.  Not respecting that time, and truly focusing on someone, is what we will overcome as accountable individuals that learn to “be here now”.