Knock Out Mediocrity

By March 26, 20164 Comments

Can you imagine that we have actually gone from accepting mediocrity to embracing it?
This is something we need to knock out right away so we will all feel better about ourselves. Join the Beagle, The Pittie and myself The Bald guy) to get rid of mediocrity once and for all.


  • Jackie says:

    Great knock out!!!! I really got a lot out of it. It has made me get up and get out!!!!

    • Joe says:

      Hi Jackie,

      Thank you very much.
      There is a growing trend on mediocrity in so many areas that I thought it was a good subject to cover.

      Peace, Joe

  • Janice Cantabene says:

    Great knockout session. Very motivational. I try to start each day knowing I will be the best I can be. Thanks again.

  • Joe says:

    Hello Janice,

    Thank you for your comment.
    I agree that morning is the best time to knock out mediocrity!

    Peace, Joe

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