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Hello this is Joe Dwyer and I am very pleased to be with you for this section on focusing and living in the moment.

Living and being in the moment in a consistent way. Back a while ago while I was still getting haircuts in a barbershop, I was sitting in the chair and as is a custom for most of us, I was thinking of all the things that I needed to do in the course of that day. Not only was I thinking way ahead, I was also thinking back on a day or two earlier and the events that had taken place. This not living in the moment is something I’m sure that we could all relate to, but on this particular day I could really remember being that much more forward and backward thinking instead of in the moment thinking.

Soon a man walked into the barber shop and the barber who was working on me had gotten to the point where he was shaving the back of my neck with a straight razor. He could not see the man entering because he wasn’t looking at the door, thankfully, he was working diligently and focusing on my neck. However, the man that walked in decided to reach out and give him the biggest hug possible and was walking towards him in a moment to do that. At that moment is when I had an incredible epiphany because all of a sudden the forward thinking and the backward thinking stopped. The only thing I could do was focus on that very moment on whether I was going to be cut or not! The focus was incredible, it was immediate and it was very long lasting.

I share this with you because it is the essence and reason for putting this module together especially here in week one where we need to get ourselves trained to a consistent being in the moment. It should not take a man coming almost slicing my neck for it to happen. It should take us realizing the importance of the moment.

gift in blue-smallI’m sure you are all aware of the sayings…yesterday is history, tomorrow is unknown and today is a gift…something like that. There are many others that drive us to this concept that eludes us more often than not. So, I know we all know this but the dogs that share our life are incredible at being in the moment. I have talked to many people who will say that they know nothing else, they do not really know how to think in the past, they don’t know how to think ahead and, I would agree. But at the same time I think you will agree with me if I were to say that they are so wise, so loving and so astute to the moment that it probably wouldn’t matter if they could do it. Who knows, maybe they can more than we realize. They have this incredible ability that we need to latch on to and we need to have this focus.

The other thing we must consider is that if we are not living more so in the moment and being more focused and at peace, those times where we do need to look back and look ahead, which we do, will not be done with the same level of clarity or success as is done when that’s all we do is look ahead or look back. So it is extremely important for our going back and making restitution or looking ahead and making plans to stay where you are. I think we need to take stock in this right away and I think we need to take a few action items into mind.

The first thing that I would ask you to do is to have a being in the moment “trigger.” Whatever it is that works for you is fine. I will tell you that mine is very simple and very obvious and that is in fact my dogs who are usually around me. I have pictures of them on my key chain and I have pictures of them just about every place I go, including Noble Strength Dojo. So when I find myself drifting either backwards or forwards, I immediately look at them and realize, no, that is where I need to be. Like them more in the moment more focused on where I am now. So that is action item #1. Come up with a trigger for yourself that is going to drive you back to that all-important place.

Secondly, I don’t know if you are a journal person or not, but I have found that even though I am not much of a person to write in a journal, I find myself when I do write about either past or future events that it’s like emptying out my mind and putting it on paper it helps me come back to the present. If that works for you, I would strongly encourage you to consider that as well. Then, as I often say in our time together, I would ask you to take simple tasks. Take eating breakfast for instance. Use that as your training ground. When you are eating your oatmeal, be sure you are not thinking about getting into the shower. When you are eating your oatmeal, do not think about your first appointment of the day. Eat your oatmeal and think about your oatmeal. So start with those important and simple things that will bring you to this consistent mindset of being focused and being in the moment.

I think we have enough to latch on to for this first and all-important session on being in the moment. Yes, if you would like to consider the razor story, please feel free to do so! It is one that comes back to me and maybe there is one in your life that you also can reflect on. Most importantly, I think we can all relate and again I come back to it often, that the canines can lead us to such important places in our life. This one arguably is one of the most important and I would say that they, as always will, lead us, inspire us and give us the peace and confidence we need.

Thank you. I look forward to being with you in the next session and also if you have any observations or thoughts for me please contact me. Good luck in your week’s journey and we will talk to you soon!


  • Think about what triggers you to live in the moment.
  • Try writing in a journal or a notepad to empty your mind of thoughts of the past or future.
  • Live in the moment. Focus on what you are doing in the present instead of constantly thinking about what you need to do next.