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Hello, this is Joe Dwyer and I welcome you to week two of focus and living in the moment.

Mark Twain had some really great quotes and one of them that I think is really pertinent to starting this session with goes as follows…”I have been through some terrible things in my life some of which actually happened”. It calls us to one of the many important aspects of living in the moment. For as he says in this quote, in powerful words, is that many things went through his mind that he conjured up about either the past or the future, not staying in the moment and realized that many of them didn’t happen, some did, but many didn’t.

Another thing to consider from this quote and equally in important fashion is that while he was considering some of these things in either the past or the future, was he missing things in the present? Certainly that is something that is a risk for all of us. While we are dwelling on things that are either not happening or have happened already, we could easily miss the beauty of the moment. Now as we move in to this important week 2 session, I can say to you that we could easily miss some of the dangerous moments of the present.

Yes, this module is going to focus on our safety. An important aspect, one of self defense, and although I would love all of you somewhere where ever you are in the country or the world to come to Noble Strength dojo, I know that is not possible. I can give you a living in the moment self defense lesson right now in our time together.

I tell you a story that is really humbling for me as a third degree black belt. It was during my business life and I was running out to go to a meeting in which someone else was driving with me. I was on a call and I was talking as I was running to the car. As I got to the car, I was brought together with a person that worked with me who needed to speak to me about something important. So now, I was talking on the phone and trying to talk to the person who was running along with me. Then an email came in that I needed to attend to right away that was on my phone.

So now I had the phone, an email and the person and at this point I was in the car on my way to the meeting. When I got to the meeting, I had no idea how I had arrived there! I was totally wrapped up in all else that was going on and I wasn’t even aware of what had happened on the trip from point A to point B. Can you relate to this? I think you probably can. I have related to it many other times in my life. But the reality is this is a dangerous thing to consider.

I would like to share a fact with you. Criminals that sit incarcerated in different facilities are typically there as repeat offenders. When they spend this time incarcerated, unfortunately, they are thinking of ways of being better criminals. The fact of the matter is life is getting easier for them. There are so many distractions by the way people lead their lives today, similar to my story, they become easy targets. The total model of a potential criminal is to find the easiest, quickest target. It has been reported that 80% of the crimes committed have been committed because the people were not paying attention and were focused on what they were doing and became an easy target.

busy sidewalk-smallThis is now an important self-defense lesson for every one of us. If we focus on the moment where we are right now, we are less inclined to walk with our head down, texting, emailing or talking, we will find ourselves in a much safer place in our environment. Yes, it is a self defense lesson but it is also a lesson in why it is important to stay in the moment from not only a self defense aspect but also because of all we may be missing in the beauty of the moment we are in.

When I think back to the story that I shared with you of not remembering how I got from point A to point B, the thing that really bothers me the most is that I was giving people only a fraction of my time. I was being really disrespectful to every single one of them, especially to the person who offered to drive me to the meeting. So, I think in these moments we must really take a pause and think back as to how this can really help us going forward.

Now as I love to do, I bring in the canine example. More often than not, we are touched by the canines that live with us. Recently it was brought to my attention through a rescue organization that focuses on dogs that either had problems with their sight or their hearing so much so that they became unadoptable. Some interesting facts of course that would surprise probably none of us is that these dogs are able to adapt quickly. Some people have mentioned because they are so good with their scent or so good with their senses that they are able to compensate better. But I think differently, I think that because of what is impacting them is less so because of the way that they live in the moment. They are consistent about being in the moment that they are in and because of that they can easily compensate for the difficulties in their life.

Once again they bring us to a place where we can relate and learn from them. For if we do the same, we will find ourselves in a safer place. We will find ourselves in a place where we are enjoying the moment and we are safer in the moment. It is certainly an important concept to consider and I ask you to bring it to the top of your list.

Now let us look at a few homework assignments. I’d like you to go out on this day and be more aware of what you are doing in the moment and how unaware you are in the moment! So take stock even in a short trip to buy a newspaper or go to the store or even on your way to your place of employment. Find yourself and evaluate yourself how focused you really are. I’m going to give you that one and only important assignment. It is an important one for your safety, for your peace and for everything that matters in this life. Good luck and I wish you the best.

As always send me any comments and questions you might have and I look forward to being with you in week three.


  • Write down three observations you noticed today that you might not have previously when you were not living in the moment.