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Hi it’s Joe Dwyer and I welcome you to week three of focus and living in the moment.

My corporate training often comes back to me for a very good reason. I could vividly remember going through a culture change in one of the companies I worked for. One of the concepts that they needed to instruct us on was the concept of “be here now”. Now most of us received a wooden paperweight that had just the words “be here now” on the paperweight and it was to be left on our desk as a reminder. It was very obvious that the intent of this was to put us into the moment of being here now. However, like many of my colleagues I laughed at this concept saying how ridiculously easy it was and how unnecessary it was. Until of course, I was quite humbled by witnessing what happens and how many times you’re really being here now.

Arriving home during the course of this training I was met by my family. It was always great to see them, to sit down and cover everybody’s day. My wife and my children were talking to me but I’m really not paying attention, I’m not being here now. What an impediment it is to our relationships with one another when we are not totally focused on one another. Yes, it really is a challenge, like many of the so-called simple things that we encounter each day, this one probably takes on an incredible meaning in our life.

Now, many people are marveled and in wonder when they meet Daniel, the Beagle because of his incredible personality and how he greets each person with such enthusiasm and his signature kisses. I can tell you that there is really no magic to Daniels’ approach to people. He is simply calling to mind this concept of being here now.

I could also remember reading a lot about Mother Teresa. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her once. I can remember all of that came together with the wonder of all she did and how she did it. She summed it up many times by saying that the person she is with is the most important person in the world at that moment. That really was the crux of how she was so compassionate and loving to everyone she met. Can we aspire to Mother Teresa’s and Daniel the Beagle’s approach? I would have to say that it is something that is not up for debate but it is something that we really need to do. We need to bring that intensity, meaning, peace and love and many other adjectives to the relationships that we are in within our life.

Not too long ago my wife and I took a long car ride down to the Jersey shore and in the course of the ride we were in the car together for about probably an hour and a half. When we arrived and got out of the car we commented on how nice it was to take that ride and spend that very focused and quality time and talk about the things that we needed to catch up on. The real issue, I must tell you in hindsight, is that the car ride should not be necessary. It should not be what is necessary for us to take what is right in front of us in the moment and focus on that person and making them the most important person in our life.


I could also remember going to a corporate training and was struck by an encounter that took place where somebody did something for someone else and they immediately said “Thank you, I really appreciate that.” Later we talked and it was discovered that the importance of the timing of saying thank you was so critical and important in the relationship. It came out of being here now, being in the moment. It is true. If that person had waited an hour or a day to say thank you for taking care of that for me, it would not nearly have the meaning that it does as when Daniel, the Beagle greets someone with such enthusiasm and gives them such a positive impression of who he is. We are capable of this same thing my friends. It is an all-important aspect of being here now and fostering the relationships in our life.

So I urge you to think about one more analogy in this important concept and that is of a light bulb. If you put a light bulb on in a room the light radiates out in the course of the room and lights up the entire room. It’s not very focused though. If you take that same light bulb and create a laser out of it, it actually has the ability to go directly to a far away place and has an incredible focus to it. That same light is capable of doing two very different things.

We now need to question which light we need to be. We certainly need to be a light to the world I’m not disputing that. I think we need to be that second light more often as it applies to relationships. For if we are scattered all over, we certainly will make an impression on many people but it will not be long lasting or intense. But if we put our focus on that light beam, that laser, in every situation or as many as we can gather in our life then I think we are capable of bringing an intensity, and a meaning to the relationships that mean the most to us.

This is one more very important and powerful aspect of focusing and living in the moment. Our canines as they always do are an example to us. But now we need to take our own action items and make them work in our life. So go out on this day and see how well you are “being here now”. Test it out with the closest individuals to you and your dogs as well. They will notice as mine do. Test it out with at least three people over the next few days and see if those situations that are presented to you are more meaningful and those relationships seem to be blossoming, too. I believe they will.

As always I welcome your observations and your comments. Most importantly, see in this all important aspect of focusing and being here now on what really lies ahead in terms of peace and love that you can share with the most important people and animals that share your life. Thank you so much!


  • ”Be here now” with three different people over the next three days.
  • Focus on these people and notice any beneficial changes in your relationship.