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Hello everyone this is Joe Dwyer and as always I am pleased to be with you during week four of focus and living in the moment.

Today we are going to talk about clarity of mind and why it is so important. I need to start with a sobering fact that over 60% of our population suffers with some level of depression and/or anxiety. I happen to know this because I am in the group; less so today than several years ago but I am still in it and working my way towards getting myself better.

I believe that this whole concept of living in the moment and being focused is one very powerful way to get ourselves healed in certain levels of emotional distress. I must state very emphatically that looking back or looking forward too much is not the only cause of some type of emotional distress. What I am going to share with you is certainly not the only remedy but it is certainly a component and a possibility for every one of us to consider.

Looking back on what took place in our life that is ancient history, is that all important and real issue of post-traumatic stress syndrome that some of us can deal with even when we do not realize it. We live with this because it is something that shocks our memory from our past and brings it, unfortunately, in to a disturbed point in the present moment.

On the other side of that coin, there are many times when we look ahead too far at possible futures when we should be looking much more closely at what is going on now to define a better future. So, again I stress that this is not the only way that we can find ourselves in an emotional stressful situation and bringing a sense of clarity is not the only remedy. For I also need to add also to each one of you that if you find yourself in this place you need to consult a professional. So what I offer you today is certainly not a professional approach, but is certainly a practical one that has given me a little better sense of where I am right now.

dirty window-smallI put this analogy in place – it is like putting on a pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses that have many smudges and dirty specks upon them. You cannot see clearly and a sense of frustration takes place and you need to clean those glasses immediately because you’ve become so frustrated. I believe this is what happens when we have that lack of clarity of the present moment and we are looking either too far back or too far ahead. We need to clean those glasses but we are not sure how because we cannot gain the clarity that we need. I think this is certainly something that we could all relate to at some point in our life and maybe it is something that is happening right now.

Also, there is the concept of meditation. Meditation is a practice that is certainly endorsed by many and I will tell you that recently it is endorsed by me. I find that when I go in to even 5 minutes of meditation it helps me get the focus I need. An added bonus I might add is that this is where the canine influence comes in because they always flock to me, stay with me and help me get that focus that I need. Hopefully this will help you as well if you share your life with a loving canine but that 5 minutes or so with me everyday really brings a clarity to mind and assists me greatly for where I am at that moment.

I urge you to consider some of these practices that we have shared over the past several weeks but most importantly we must realize that we all have our own personal issues that we are facing at any particular time. So this is as personal as a fingerprint. What might work for one person certainly may not work for another, but certainly bringing in that focus and living in the moment can really be a generic positive influence for every single one of us to consider.

In the past weeks it was necessary to focus on the downsides of negative thinking. Sometimes looking at those downsides is part of it, isn’t it? So positive thinking is usually present thinking. So let us look at the positive aspects and payoffs that will come into our life when we could gather this sense of focus and living in the moment. It is a more peaceful and safe life. One that keeps us grounded and keeps us in a place where we have a good sense of where we are and where we going. A healthy look at what might have taken place.

All of that can come together when you are looking more clearly at your present time. Much better relationships, richer in the sense that the connection is deeper, the meaning is deeper and the respect that can go both ways and the compassion that is shared between two individuals really comes to a higher level. A better sense of where we are going focusing on the clarity we need to move forward. Think about cleaning those glasses everyday. It is a much more important cleansing that is necessary in our life. Will we make progress? There is no doubt. For all we need to do is look at the examples in our life, the canines that share our life and how they live each day and more specifically, each moment.

So as we now shared four very powerful modules of living in the moment, I ask you, in your action items ahead in the week, to keep track of how it is going for you. Like anything else, especially when I mention martial arts training, it’s become a way of life. It is not something that we do today and give it up two weeks from now. This living in the moment requires us to be practicing every day. But the payoff is amazing in the sense of what we will feel and how we will feel in our life and especially how we will relate to one another.

Thank you. Good luck with your journey, continue on your journey and please take note of all the positive things that take place.


  • Live in the moment. Experience and enjoy what you ware doing in the present rather than what you have to do in the future.
  • “Be here now” with your loved ones. Experience the beneficial changes you have in your relationship when you are more present.