Yes, the glass can be full, not only half full.

In the book, “The Secret”, a primary lesson is that you receive what you attract through your thoughts. This concept has been used in many motivational talks. I am in agreement with it, as I have seen it work, and not work, in my own life.

What I will do is add my passion which is how animals can inspire us.

In many talks, I have explained that I believe Daniel’s incredible positive attitude helped him survive the gas chamber. What is even more amazing is his consistency in carrying this 100% positive attitude into every day. He has been part of our family since 2011 and I have observed him diligently. Now I need to follow him! Of course, Daniel is not the only one who has this trait, just don’t tell him!

However, more animals carry this ball than humans. What is also important to note are the ripple effects. Like a stone dropped into the middle of a pond, ripples go out far and wide. Then when it reaches the shore the ripple comes back a little showing this is a reciprocal action. When you give out positive intentions, they come back to you. This is a spiritual gift to the world and should be noticed and appreciated more often.

Please share the animals you know who can add to this needed spiritual value. My thought is to put these stories on the news.

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