Mother Teresa was famous for saying that she would not attend an anti-war rally, but if a peace rally was held she would be there. Mother Teresa can certainly be considered a spiritual leader, and I must say I really love this approach she followed.

This will be our approach at Noble Strength sanctuary when it comes to speaking out for animals in need. Instead of focusing on the horrors we know exist, the foundation will be built on a more peaceful and compassionate world by learning from the animals we share this world with.

There are many people who have decided to promote animal welfare by posting stories of abuse, as well as other stories that have a similar approach. It is important to know that we respect their approach and see that there are benefits. In harmony with our approach, especially my Animal Chaplain family, we support their educational information. However, we will build the Noble Strength sanctuary with a different foundation. I am especially excited that a few of my Animal Chaplain graduates have already started to post positive stories about animals on our Animal Chaplains of Noble Strength Facebook page.

It will take many “strong houses” to help the animals and people in need. If we respect and support each other, all of our foundations will be stronger and more lives will be saved.

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