Session one: Always Start with Self

We should have nothing short than a ruthless approach to our self-talk and how we compare ourselves to others.

Daniel has met many celebrities in his life – some of them, human, some canine.  He has never once spoken down about himself after meeting someone famous or compared himself to others.  This is the mindset we seek to recognize ourselves more effectively.

Session two: Recognition of Others

Have you ever seen a dog treat someone better because of their status and/or fame?  The answer is, of course, no.

In my book The Dog Ate My Homework, or did He?, I tell a story of my grandfather (The Chief), and how he taught us many times about truly respecting everyone for who they are and what they do.  In a world where we strive for equal rights, my grandfather and our loving canine companions can lead the way with examples.

Session three: Dog Training

There are many philosophies on dog training, but the one that shows the most success is positive reinforcement.

Consider the number of times you catch someone doing something right, as opposed to the number of times you find an error in their ways and correct them for it.   If we want to look towards a more peaceful and productive world, we should tip the scales toward a positive reinforcement of what others are doing right.