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Let’s see if you can remember a few phrases. “You need to respect your elders.” “You have to respect that person because of the position that they are in.” and many more like it. Now, I’m really not saying that you shouldn’t respect these people, for instead, what I’d like to say is that we should respect every person and creature for who they are. If you remember anything that I say on this important series on respect, please put the following image in your mind.

Respect should be the busiest two way street you will ever see. Yes, when you go to a place where there is incredible traffic and cars are zooming up and down the road at record numbers and pace, take a positive image of that and put it into your mind because that is what respect should be like in our world today. For we need to understand that age is not a sign or measure of maturity. A position is not a reason to respect an individual.

I need to step back and explain the procedure at my Noble Strength Dojo. You see, when students come in they bow to me, the instructor. However, it is a two way street and a two-way bow. They are recognizing me, as their instructor, and I am recognizing them as a student. It is an equal level of respect going two ways.

We need to look at this at a very positive and proactive way when it comes to the creatures that we share our world with. We, those of us active in animal rescue, are quite familiar with this. It needs to permeate every place where we are and to every person regardless of who they are, what they do or anything else that factors into the decision. As a matter of fact, nothing should factor into it except being respectful in a two-way manner.

blowing dandilion-smallI think the other way to consider it is that we have an obligation to ourselves if we are going to respect ourselves and to others to scatter as many seeds of respect out there as we possibly can. Let’s take a minute to look at those situations where we do scatter seeds of respect. Take a dog that you rescue for instance. I have four of them now in my house. How many times do we know that they continue to be thankful for the seeds of respect that you put out there for their well being.

Now I’m not saying that there are situations amongst people more than animals, quite frankly, where maybe those seeds do not bear as much fruit. But we must only consider our actions or we are not respecting ourselves and others as we should. Yes, consider it certainly in this way. Continue to scatter seeds as many and as far as you can. Now we must look though at the seeds that are scattered to us. Many times we will say, and I have done it myself, that I’m not getting enough respect.

Well, that happens, my friends. That is not a reason for us to slow down the seeds that we scatter elsewhere. As a matter of fact, we must accept and, as much as possible, appreciate even when just a few seeds are scattered in our garden of respect. The two-way street must continue to be as busy as possible. I urge you to hold that image in your head and I also urge you to latch on to those positive situations like the canines and the animals in our life when we know that those two way seeds of respect are being utilized and beautifully scattered in a world that sincerely needs to see a lot more of it.

So now I ask you to consider a few positive actions in this area of respect. First and foremost, put that image squarely in your mind that respect is a very busy two way street. Secondly, scatter as many seeds in gardens as you can and then hope for the best. Do the best you can and that’s all that really matters. When you feel that maybe not many seeds of respect are being scattered in your garden of respect, take a step back, do not react, accept it for what it is. For what we really have here, where we can be consistent about this in our life, is a fertile place for personal development and peace when we can take respect to this very positive and very proactive level. I will ask you to consider this over the next several weeks.

Thank you for continuing on this journey and doing all that you can to make this world a more respectful and peaceful place.



  • Take note of a situation where you saw respect as a busy two way street. How did it feel?
  • Scatter seeds in your and others gardens.
  • Keep an image in your mind that respect is a two-way street.
  • Scatter as many seeds in your garden as you can and you will see the benefits.