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I was a sales manager for 10 years and I learned something very early on in my sales career. You really are only good as THIS week’s sales. Last week was nice but it’s a distant memory when it really comes down to it. I would say that this is true of many things in life and respect is certainly no different. You can keep your lamp of respect burning very brightly or you could extinguish it pretty fast if you don’t watch yourself and your actions. Certainly you can reignite it, but keeping a more consistent attitude on respect is something that would go a long way.

I remember when I was in ninth grade and I had English class. My teacher was asking a question about what are the most powerful characteristics of a superhero. He was getting some answers and yes, yours truly was daydreaming. So of course he called on me and when he did I was pressed for an answer. Well, sometimes you are very fortunate and in this case I was. For I came out with the answer consistency and he said that is exactly what I am looking for. A superhero is consistent in all of their actions. We need to be a superhero when it comes to respect both for ourselves and what we provide to others. That makes us a superhero in life regardless of what we do.

Joe and RommelMy dog, Rommel, who was a beautiful dachshund that I loved so dearly, passed away in June of 2012. He reminds me, as I will hope to remind you about the beauty of consistency. You see Rommel always carried himself with respect for himself and for others. It was so touching to watch and probably one of the most incredible reasons of why I miss him so much. I miss seeing this shining example of consistent respect. He would always show his respect for me, specifically, when I was not happy. He was at my side in an instant. It did not matter when his health declined as it did with Cushings disease. He would actually crawl off his pillow to come to me. This gave me the motivation and the realization that there really are no excuses for any of us for a lapse in respect. If Rommel could do it so gallantly and beautifully, so can we. It is an encouraging word for each one of us.

At the same time, we will have moments where we will slip up. Yes, it is a reality and at those times it is important to not let ourselves fall too quickly into the quicksand where we can find ourselves in a very dangerous place. Acknowledge immediately when you do have a slip up on respect for self or others and rally back out of that trap. It is an extremely important thing to do. Try to continue on with this all-important spiritual concept that carries us to a sense of dignity, carries us to a sense of peace and ultimately a very strong sense of relationship with those that we care for.

So we have, as we always do, a challenge before us, but like all of our challenges we will meet them. We will meet them with a high degree of integrity and a high degree of enthusiasm. So with the actions items in front of us, I ask you to always consider Rommel, my beloved dachshund, who did unfortunately pass away much too soon. Rommel, however, left us with a beautiful example of gallantly carrying himself with respect and dignity for himself and every person even in the most darkest times. Find one of those dark moments in your life. See how you are acting, evaluate your self in how you are being with yourself and with others as your first powerful and positive action item.

Secondly, find a moment and if you are like me you will find one in every day where you do have that time of slipping up. When you do, catch yourself quickly and use that image of the quicksand. Do not slip too far downward but catch yourself and bring yourself up as fast as you can so that our sense of respect can carry a high level for self and others.

A superhero is what we strive for but even they were not perfect. I encourage you in the week ahead to look at his important aspect of respect.

Thank you for continuing on with this journey. At any time, please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, your comments and your encouraging progress.



  • In a stressful time during your week, don’t go into the darkness, but instead remain respectful and kind.
  • Catch yourself if you slip-up. Do not fall too far down into the quicksand.
  • Strive to be superhero! Do any positive act to brighten someone else’s day.