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Respect 4

Respect Lesson Update



As I entered my 9th grade biology class, I was trying to be even more focused since I knew at some point as I got further along in my education science was going to be my cornerstone. So the first assignment was given and it was to watch a beer commercial and write down as many observations as possible. Okay that sounds easy enough and I did the assignment to the best of my ability. What I didn’t realize was that the most important characteristic that took place during watching the beer commercials was that the people didn’t actually drink the beer. Most of my classmates and myself missed this important point and it was a really good lesson in being more observant of the important things that take place, at the time obviously in the science world, but it also very much relates to life.

I urge you to strongly consider this point as we move into our fourth and final week of respect. We need to be extremely observant and aware of what takes place in our life that can either lift up or in some cases possibly erode our level of self-respect and respect for others. Watch all that takes place in your life even what seems to be trivial. For instance, those meetings of people in a store, those encounters with people walking on the street, those things that take place in our surroundings. How about those possibilities that take place that may lead us into a potential conflict or those really awesome opportunities to pick ourselves up with our own self-respect or looking at others with a deeper level of respect.

dog eating bone-smallThis is an extremely important part of the whole subject matter of respect and it is a certainly a challenge just like the beer commercial that was placed before me in the real possibility of missing something important. Once again I urge you to turn your attention to our canine friends and just look at any dog when they put their mind on something. Whether it is eating or chewing on a bone, something that they truly enjoy, they will not miss one little portion of what takes place. Their level of observation, focus and awareness is at an all time high. Well, with us, respect should certainly be something that should be at the top of our list. Not just every other day but every day. So we need that same level of awareness, that same level of concentration in our life. For if we want more nourishing relationships with self and others we need to take stock on how we proceed in each day.

Let us look at some very important action items for this level of awareness. How do we take stock of our actions with our self and others as our day continues? Is it possible for us to have a little self-check in place? Certainly it is. Let us make aware of our surroundings and be more observant of what takes place even for the so-called little things. Take an inventory at the end of each day, sit back and say, what took place today, good, bad or indifferent that I could look at more carefully so that this whole level of observation takes on a more meaningful place in my life.

Now let us look at all that we have done over these four weeks. I know that we have done some amazing positive strides in our level of respect. So do we have a proper amount of self-respect? I would say that we could improve upon it because I know that each of us can. Is respect that busy two-way street in our life that it should be? Can we make that street even busier? Yes, we can. Do we have a good radar and self-check system in place? I think that we could certainly take that to a higher level as well. The most important part of recognizing is that it is a day-to-day issue and that yes, we need to be more observant.

So let’s us thank our canine friends for being the great example that they always will be. Let’s take a very careful look and embrace this challenge with a high amount of enthusiasm for all the good that it is going to do for us moving forward.

Please send along any observations that you may have. I welcome to see them. I welcome to hear about them so that all of us can to improve upon our journeys along the way. I thank you for being with me during this great four weeks of looking at our levels of respect and I welcome you to join me next month as we look into the very awesome area of compassion! I look forward to this with great anticipation. Thank you.



  • Have a self-check list for your actions throughout the day.
  • Be observant of our surroundings. Is the busy two way street of respect in place in your life?
  • Take inventory at the end of each day of the negatives and positives and deal with them accordingly.


Respect Update

I am extremely pleased to be able to provide you with an encouraging update on the subject of respect that we shared the last four weeks together on a journey to finding a deeper level of respect for self and others.

If you remember in week one, I shared with you the story of myself driving into my gym parking lot. The person in front of me stopped pretty abruptly and unnecessarily, and I was forced to stop behind him while I was still in the middle of the street. I was, of course, not very happy about this and I displayed not being very happy. Upon entering in to the gym, I later found out that the person who abruptly stopped was the same person I share a very nice hello with every single day that I go there. A fine young man and, I’m sure he meant nothing by what he had done. But I was the one that started the ball rolling in the wrong direction on respect.

So I bring to you today an update and that is after sharing the last four weeks with you on respect, I decided it was time that I go up to him. I did, actually today, the day that I am recording this update. I told him that it was me who was behind him just a few weeks ago and I displayed some uncharacteristic behavior that was unnecessary when he had stopped in front of me. He had forgotten all about it and really just wasn’t concerned about it. I told him that I didn’t want it to be something that was long lasting, that I wanted to put it to rest and tell him that I was looking to build back the respect for myself and others as I apologized for my actions. He did the same and now I will tell you that we are even closer today than we were several weeks ago.

I share this with you because I find it very interesting that everything I spoke about the last four weeks came together in this one, seemingly small incident. Although it was anything but small and insignificant, it gave me a deeper sense for how important it is to respect yourself and others. It also gave me very strong sense, as I shared with you in week three, that respect needs to be renewed every day for it to be of good lasting benefit for self and others. It reinforced me as it did in week four, that there needs to be an awareness of what we are doing and an inventory taken as to what we are doing. Finally, as I shared in week two, the most important point of all is that this busy road of respect should be even more busy every day in a two way fashion.

I am really pleased to bring this update to you because it had many benefits for me as hopefully they have done for you. As I am always telling people at the Noble Strength dojo, that there is no way that I could ever get into a mindset that my techniques are perfect. I will continually be working on them. It is the same for every area we touch upon in Noble Strength Spirituality. In addition, by sharing and talking to my students about techniques, my techniques are getting better. By sharing with you and hopefully more to come, my techniques in spirituality will get better.

I thank you for continuing on this journey and, please, as you go through your day find no event to be insignificant. They are all beautiful lessons to increase our levels of respect and many areas of spirituality that we will journey on together.