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Strength Over ‘IF’

Have you ever realized how many sentences that start with the word, “If’?  Do you also see how these sentences can weaken us and hold us down? They are clearly like the virus we have been battling in our world. In this new 12 part series Joe explores how to reshape your perspective by exerting your inner strength over the most common ‘IF’ statements that serve only to hold us back from realizing our true potential.

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Noble Leadership

Welcome to this exciting and informative journey on leadership. We will venture outside the box, for if you learn from me during this time, you will also learn from all creation. That includes the 4 legged beings we share the planet with. They will actually inspire us in many areas.

Shall we begin?

Noble Leadership is a 10 part video series on becoming a better leader through observation and self reflection of lessons we learn from the 4-legged friends we share this planet with.

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Rally Back Stronger: Revised

When 2020 started there was much optimism. Unfortunately that was met with Covid19 and then other challenges.
It provided a need for a foundation to not only rally back from these adversities, but to rally back even stronger.
I had initially recorded a “Rally back Stronger” series, but after living through the same issues as the rest of the world, I decided to revise it  to meet the challenges that have happened in 2020.
My Shelby Dwyer is the main star, but so are you, with your own background to take advantage of my new and improved Rally Back Stronger Video series.
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Nourish All Creation

A search for a spiritual way of life that is enjoyable and nourishing has brought you to the Noble Strength Way of Life. Inspired by the animals we share the planet with, this journey can begin for you right now. The best news is there will be more that follows, but let’s “eat what’s on our plate” (A vegan plate of course!) in front of us!

At least half of your donation will go towards animal rescue efforts.

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The Dog Ate My Homework – Or Did He?  $14.95

From the vast experience I have with dogs I have learned that our canine friends have a thing or two to teach us about life and the power of accountability.

In my book, I bring readers a surprising guide to personal, spiritual and professional fulfillment by living a life of “authentic” accountability. Just like dogs do. Dogs are the most accountable among us. Their integrity and honest communication, their willingness to risk adversity and show appreciation, their presence – all are part of the seven steps to living an accountable and fulfilling life. When it comes to accountability – I follow the lessons I’ve learned from my four dogs who lead by example.

Daniel the Miracle Beagle  $14.95

The fantastic story of the heart and courage of a puppy who – at inconceivable odds – survives being gassed, is rescued, and arrives at the loving home of a Forever Family. Daniel’s Mission – passing laws for sparing the lives of millions of shelter animals – has brought him the attention of media and audiences around the world, and is an inspiration to people everywhere who believe in the power of individual initiative leading to collective action as keys to success.

Shelby’s Grace  $14.95  (FREE When You Subscribe to Our Weekly Newletter)

The story of an abused, battered and abandoned Pit Bull, agonizing in a shelter, near death, until rescued by a caring family man and animal rights advocate. Shelby’s amazing nature unravels as the tide turns when she offers healing, comfort and solidarity to her “adoptive dad” during his near-crippling struggle with anxiety and depression. Shelby continues her journey as a trained and certified therapy dog, committed to serving men, women and children dealing with physical and emotional challenges. Warming the hearts of all who encounter her, the sweet Pit Bull pup teaches unconditional love and the ability to extract inner strength and use it to overcome personal adversities.

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