Shelby’s Grace

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The Pit Bull With the Heart of Gold

Joe Dwyer was a man facing challenges that seemed insurmountable. Battling depression and anxiety, he was broken and in need of serious help. Shelby was a young pit bull facing death. Damaged and abused, she trusted no one. She was confined to a shelter and in need of major surgery to repair her hind legs.

When man and dog first met it wasn’t love at first sight—at least not for the dog. But in time—and with a little magical help—the two grew to trust one another.

When Joe finally brought Shelby home to join his family, he discovered something remarkable: She had an uncanny gift. Shelby was able to sympathize with and bring solace to individuals in need, including hospital patients, the elderly, the lonely and the bereaved. It was nothing short of amazing.

But not everyone embraced this discovery. Facing stiff resistance, Joe fought to gain acceptance for Shelby as a therapy dog and they have enriched each other’s lives and the lives of countless others who were in need of rescuing.