What Do We Reflect

Session one: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Consider how you reflect back from those comical mirrors that distort our face and our bodies. This is a reality that we must be aware of.

It is important for the accountable individual to reflect a consistent and noble image in all walks of life and at the same time remain true to yourself.  My brother, Fritz, growing up taught me that regardless of the situation you should reflect to others a positive image that especially focuses on our integrity.

Session two: Leadership Reflection

Most important thing to understand is at many points in life we are all looked on  as leaders and an example for others.

There are many things that dogs cannot do and some of them we should look to adopt in our life on a consistent basis.  One is to never say the word “can’t” and the other is to never complain about anything regardless of the circumstance.  The accountable individual embraces this.

Session three: Reflective Effort

The accountable individual never comprises effort at any time using the theory “why does it matter”.

Be more observant of how dogs go about every task in life, whether it is greeting you at the door, playing with a toy or going on a walk there effort never drops below 100%.  This is the mentality of an accountable individual that will cause them to have peace in their heart at all times.