Welcome to this site and we hope you enjoy it and learn a little bit about what we do and how we serve as an Animal Chaplain. First and foremost, we are serving The One True Living God who created all things with love, compassion, empathy and grace through Him.
Many people don’t realize that animals are indeed a spiritual being just as you and I are and while they may not pray, they certainly do worship God in everything they do. They show that same unconditional love that God has for each one of us and they do it with such grace and so naturally that people overlook the spiritual aspect of the animal creations we share this earth with.
Animal Chaplains are a fairly new concept but one that we feel God has put upon our individual hearts to become as we not only serve His animal creations, we serve their families as well. We all know the love we have for our pets and indeed we feel the love they give us in return but when they decline in their old age, or are surrendered to a shelter (please, no judging here, as one who has worked at a shelter I have seen many families struggle with the decision to surrender their beloved pet for a number of valid reasons) these long-time companions need more than just physical and emotional support, they need spiritual support as well and so do their families. Many people will struggle with guilt or anger or other feelings that can eat away at us as they try to cope with the issues at hand. For many, the loss of their long-time friend is devastating, and grief overtakes them just as it would for our human family members. Our pets ARE a part of our families and have been there for us through the good and bad times and have brought us so much comfort as we all know, that little lick on the face or that paw or head that rests upon our leg when we are sad, they are right there to support us through it all.
We as Animal Chaplains can be your support, and their support as we will pray for you, be there to listen to you and offer spiritual care that so many are looking for during the difficult times we go through with our pets. Grieving is a normal process for every one of us and we cannot do it alone, which is where an Animal Chaplains service begins, but it doesn’t end there. We will be there if you want us when it is time to say good-bye to our animal companions, officiate funeral or life celebration services, offer guidance, compassion, love and empathy for the families, and continue to be a source of spiritual healing for those who seek it. Only God can heal our broken hearts and help us to move forward during times of loss and it is different for each person on how the healing process will go. We are inter-faith and can perform several different services designed to follow your specific requests to honor your beloved pets and family beliefs.
We can perform animal blessings in our communities for those who would like this service, either privately or at an animal blessing event held a couple of times a year usually in the spring or fall. A private blessing could be anything from welcoming a new “fur” family member into the family or celebrating a milestone a pet has achieved. Or we can serve the elderly in our communities who have pets and need someone to spend some time with them and their pets by doing some small animal care chores or bring our own pets to nursing homes to visit the residents and lift their spirits up. That in-itself is something so rewarding. Sharing God’s love through His animal creations goes a long way for so many who are lonely and looking for companionship.
We also serve in the capacity of visiting animal shelters to spend time with and pray for all the animals that are going through a very stressful time in their lives. Shelters do an awesome job of the physical and emotional support these animals need, but again this is where an Animal Chaplains work begins for the homeless animals who also need spiritual support. Prayer is the most powerful and effective instrument in which I personally have seen God do countless miracles over the years for animals in a shelter environment. By spending time patting them and releasing Gods love to them through touch, I have seen hundreds of cats who had been in a shelter for years suddenly get adopted, dogs whose spirits are so broken and hopeless suddenly get a sparkle in their eye and start to come out of that hard shell as they have shut down and given up. Oh, how the heart rejoices when we go back each week to spend time with them and pray for them to hear the words from a staff member “THEY GOT ADOPTED!”
Jesus gave this commandment – “A new command I give you Love one another as I have loved you, so you must love one another” in John 13:34
We are following this command and loving God’s animals and their families, being there to offer spiritual support when those who are in need with a touch from God who sees and knows what each one is going through. We are His hands and feet (and paws) in troubled times and I pray this has given you an insight to what an Animal Chaplain is and what we do.
If you are interested in learning more or feel that this might be something you would like to do, please feel free to contact us at: joedwyer1207@gmail.com we would love to share more of what our mission is and add to our Animal Chaplain family OR if you need any kind of service we provide please don’t hesitate to reach out. God bless!

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