I find it amazing that people continue to seek their happiness from material things and from elaborate trips. What always seems to happen after is a letdown and a feeling of wanting more. A not so dynamic duo we want to see!

Before I say another word, I too have been and still am at times guilty of this wrong path toward happiness.

Of course, there is hope and there is an answer.

Animals have just their life, no possessions and no ability to go on trips. Unless of course they are lucky to go on one with their human!

We see, especially in those unfortunate animals, either discarded and abused how much they cherish their life. This is clearly because they find their happiness in their life and only their life. They find happiness within.

We are absolutely capable of the same. My suggestion is daily (morning) meditation towards this worthy goal. Focus on your life, the beauty of just being you and how your simple daily acts make a difference to the world, and most important within you.

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