Working and Playing Well With Others

Session one: Teamwork

Teamwork is a subject that is spoken of often and there are many great lessons but none as good as what a dog can teach us about truly always keeping your eye on the prize.

Spartacus and Daniel are as different as two dogs can be, however, they have proven time and time again that by respecting each other’s talents and keeping your eye on the goal they can work as an effective team.  We can learn so much from dogs about putting aside our personal interests and truly working well as a team.

Session two: Personality Types

The C.A.P.S. model has always been my favorite for personality styles, however, watching the canines in my house exercise this style has brought it to a new level.

Understanding and respecting our own personality style as well as others is critical for working and playing well with others.  As Spartacus has gotten older, I have seen him flex his style when necessary.  The accountable individual recognizes changes and adapts their style as well as respects others.

Session three: Of Course, Changes Will Happen

With every passing day, changes happen in our relationships, both business and personal.  Consider how a parent/child relationship changes as the child grows older.  The accountable individual rolls effectively with these changes.

Shelby has reached a point where she is not as interested in acting as a therapy dog.  Although this change seems like a negative in some respects it has become a positive change for me as she now spends most of her time caring for my needs.  When changes take place, the accountable individual always recognizes them and looks for the positive outcomes.